Friday, January 6, 2012

Ludwig's Angina

Ludwig's Angina

- Heavy space guitar neck infection about the submandibular, submental, and sublingual places .
- Often odontogenic within origin (molars mostly) along with immunocompromised (diabetes sufferers)
- Blended cardiovascular as well as anaerobic etiology

- Brawny induration from the flooring with the mouth area (classic)
- Bilateral puffiness
- Soreness, edema, trismus, as well as ogling
- Dysphonia and dysphagia
- Tongue displaces posteriorly and superiorly, that might lead to airway bargain.
- Nausea, dangerous physical appearance

- Clinical
- Consider later on neck X-ray or CT along with IV distinction, in the event that doubtful.

- ABCs, as always!
- ICU programs
- 4 antibiotics (PCN or even cephalosporin also clindamycin)
-  check with: Incision and waterflow and drainage about people using abscess and approaching complication or malfunction to answer prescription medication

- Airway obstruction
- Extension of infection may well take place, leading to mediastinitis, intracranial disease, or perhaps IJ thrombophlebitis.

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