Thursday, November 17, 2011

Learn About Angina Causes

Did you know that angina is not a disease, but actually a symptom of heart disease? One of the symptoms of angina causes a nonspecific discomfort or pain in the chest. This is due to lack of oxygen traveling to the heart.

heart can continue to pump blood throughout the body, but if the cause of angina occur with other symptoms, then it can easily lead to a heart attack.


angina has been described among different people, but it is common ground in spite of these differences. First of all, pain is usually not "sharp" as such. It is instead a fairly dull ache

Second, many people report that pain is not exactly in one area, but in fact extends over most of the chest. It is also usually somewhere around the sternum.

However, the pain is felt throughout the body - neck, shoulders, back, jaw and arms. So, it's really difficult situation for labeling.

Other symptoms include a feeling similar to indigestion. In fact, these symptoms are so similar that many people have given over the counter medication to deal with it, because it believes that it is bad.

What causes angina

One of the main causes of angina is atherosclerosis, although there are many different ways to develop. Atherosclerosis is when fat, dead cells, cholesterol and fibrous tissue together on the artery walls as plaque.

This reduces the normal blood flow to the heart and results in unstable angina. It can affect the heart immediately, but it may be the cause of eventual heart attack.

how to prevent it

to prevent you stop smoking, exercise more, eat less junk food and use the Omega 3 fish oil supplement. All of these can guard against angina causes such as atherosclerosis.

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