Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pain in the Ribs and Costochondritis

When a stabbing pain in his ribs, it is not always due to injury. Instead, you May be suffering from a condition known as costochondritis, which is irritation of the cartilage that connects the ribs and chest plate, or sternum. This pain can scare you - it looks like angina, type of chest pain came from heart disease. It can also feel like a cracked or broken ribs.

Costochondritis is also known by several other names, including chest pain syndrome and costosternal costosternal chondrodynia.

What Can Cause Costochondritis?

is probably the reason would be pain in the ribs from costochondritis is due to hit in the chest. Sometimes you can strain the cartilage lifting improperly, or something that weighs too much.

Another common cause of costochondritis is fibromyalgia. This arthritis is a condition that can occur in all areas of the body and can affect the top of the sternum too. Violent or persistent cough can cause this, and respiratory infections.

Costochondritis Symptoms

discomfort in the chest where the ribs are attached to the sternum is a typical indicator of costochondritis.

There are two types boli.Prvi a stabbing pain in prsima.Druga begins as pain becomes more intense. It is more common to feel this discomfort on the left instead of right. Taking the breath can be uncomfortable or even painful, and that the cough can cause intense pain.

Often, people who feel as severe chest pain thought to be suffering from a heart attack, instead costochondritis.Glavna difference is that angina (chest pain from heart disease) feels like it comes from deep inside the chest , while costochondritis pain is more towards the outside.

There is always a pain in the chest issues, an immediate call in its own right.

How to Treat Costochondritis

For the most part, it will heal on their own over time.

If the pain is extremely intense, you can ask your doctor to prescribe painkillers and anti inflammatory drugs. Over the counter medications can also help if the pain is severe, but not too heavy.

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