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Ludwig's Angina

Ludwig's Angina

Ludwig's angina is really a bilateral an infection in the submandibular place that consists of a pair of storage compartments inside the floor from the mouth area, your sublingual area and the submylohyoid (also called submaxillary) place. It was first explained your German physician, Wilhelm Frederick von Ludwig inside 1836. This specific an infection mostly derives from a good attacked 2nd or perhaps next mandibular molar enamel. It's an intense, quickly distributing cellulitis with out lymphadenopathy using potential for airway obstructions and requires cautious checking and also speedy treatment regarding prevention of asphyxia and also aspiration pneumonia.

The actual body structure, microbiology, specialized medical manifestations, image, as well as treating submandibular space bacterial infections (Ludwig's angina) will likely be reviewed here. Various other strong neck of the guitar space attacks are mentioned separately.


Although phrase Ludwig's angina has become loosely applied to any heterogeneous selection of attacks involving the sublingual and also submylohyoid (submaxillary) spots, this specific analysis should be restricted to the next classical outline:

- The infection will begin inside the flooring of the jaws. It is usually a hostile, speedily scattering "woody" as well as brawny cellulitis concerning the submandibular room.
- Chlamydia is a quickly spreading cellulitis with no lymphatic engagement and customarily with no abscess creation.
- Both submylohyoid and sublingual spaces are participating.
- The problem will be bilateral.


The particular submandibular area is inside submental and submandibular triangles between your mucosa from the floor in the jaws as well as the light level in the heavy cervical fascia. It's subdivided through the mylohyoid muscle mass to the sublingual place (containing the particular sublingual gland, hypoglossal neural, part of the submandibular gland, as well as loose ligament) as well as the submylohyoid space (which contains the submandibular salivary gland and lymph nodes). The two categories talk posteriorly throughout the mylohyoid muscle. This accounts for the actual bilateral effort by simply contiguous distributed involving infection from the submandibular place in Ludwig’s angina.

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